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WW1. Mons Trio. Tuffen. Suffolk Regiment.


The 14 star and bar is named to 8752 W. Tuffin. (spelling incorrect) 2/suff R. The war and Victory medals are named to 8752 W. Tuffen. Suff R. A nice original Mons trio with bar and rosette to a man who would have seen a lot of fighting. Walter Tuffen was a resident of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. He served with the 2nd, 7th 9th & 12th battalions of the Suffolk regiment. He was listed as wounded 'shell shocked' in August 2016, very likely during the Somme campaign, and later served with the 1/9 London Regiment (617156) and the Middlesex Regiment (421938). The medals, ribbons and bar are original and mounted as worn. Very fine.

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