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WW1. Group of 4. Walters. Royal Navy.


14/15 Trio and Long Service medal to M.1736 F.P.Walters.

On the Star, his rank is E.A.3, on the pair it is Act C.E.A 2 and on the LSGC it is C.E.A 1 HMS Eagle, a nice progression in ranks.

He was serving aboard the Battleship HMS Ajax at the Battle of Jutland and later joined HMS Eagle on her completion in 1924. It was whilst on board this ship that he was awarded his LSGC medal.

HMS Eagle was the first specially built Aircraft Carrier to be built, in the world. Between the Wars she saw service around the world and was at Singapore when war broke out. In 1940 she returned to the Mediterranean and in August 1942 while escorting a convoy to Malta (Operation Pedestal) she was hit by 4 torpedoes and sank.

Please note that there is a file mark and an adjustment to the ‘gl’ in Eagle.

A good chance of getting a LSGC group to a good ship. 

Very fine, original ribbons for the trio, no ribbon with the LS&GC. Included is a copy list of ships on which the recipient served.

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