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WW1 group of 3 inc LS & GC to the Royal Navy. Chappell.


BWM. Victory Medal. Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service & Good Conduct medal

BWM & Victory named J 50201. W. F. Chappell. O. Tel. R.N.

LS&GC named J50201 (CH.B. 20882) W. F. Chappell. L. Tel. R.F.R.

Walter Frederick Chappell was born in Cambridge in 1899, and his trade in the navy was as a communicator (Ordinary Telegraphist). He was wounded in service in June 1918 and issued with a 'Hurt Certificate' He joined the reserves in 1929 after 12 years service in the Navy, and served in Sri Lanka during WW2 finishing his service at shore based establishments in Lowestoft. He died in 1973.

Copies of service records included. The WW1 pair are about VF and the Long Service is near EF, including ribbons.

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