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WW1. British manufactured propaganda iron cross.



Rev RHEIMS LOUVAIN AMIENS 1914' around a cross and W

These crosses were commercially produced propaganda pieces mimicking the configuration of the German Iron Cross but ironically adorned with the 'battle honours' of 'war atrocities' perpetrated by German forces during the First World War. Hartlepool, Scarborough and Whitby were bombarded by the German Navy on the 16 December 1914 with over 100 civilians killed and over 450 wounded. Rheims, Amiens and Louvain were the victims of incidents during the German advance into Belgium and France in 1914. Rheims Cathedral was bombarded by German artillery on 16t September and 27 November; Amiens was also shelled. At Louvain, German troops massacred civilians and burned buildings, including the Church of St. Pierre and the mediaeval library.

43mm. Very fine. Ex Spinks

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