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WW1. 1914 star & bar trio. Kennedy. Duke of Cornwall's light infantry. P.O.W.


The star is impressed to 10058 Pte H. KENNEDY. 1/D OF CORN L.I. and has its original clasp.

The war and victory impressed to 10058 PTE H.J. KENNEDY. D. OF CORN L.I.

Henry John Kennedy served from 18.10.1912. He entered the conflict on 21.8.1914 with the 1st battalion, and would have seen fierce fighting during the retreat from Mons. At some point he was taken as a prisoner of war, possibly at the battle of Le Bassee on 21.10.14.

He was reported as a released P.O.W. on 14.1.1919, and discharged sick on the 9.11.19, entitled to a silver war badge.

The medals are extremely fine with short lengths of original ribbon.

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