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Excellent career group of 7 to the Royal Anglian Regiment

Campaign Service Medal. Northern Ireland clasp.
UN medal for service in Bosnia/Croatia. UNPROFOR/UNCRO
Operational Service Medal. Afghanistan clasp.
Golden Jubilee Medal
Diamond Jubilee Medal
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal.
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
Dress miniatures.
Suede pouch included.
The recipient served from 1986. He was posted to Gibraltar in 1987 and was on duty during the IRA incident made famous by the TV programme 'Death on the rock'
First deployed to Northern Ireland in 1991, and thereafter in 1993 and 1999.
Deployed to Croatia in 1995.
In 2009 22 years served in the Regular Army. Joined Army Reserve.
2015. Exercise in Slovenia.
1993 Promoted to LCpl
1999 Promoted to CPL
2009 Promoted to SGT
2011 Promoted to CSgt.
Please contact me if you require any further information regarding this group. 

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