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Anne. Battle of Ramillies silver medal by Croker. 1706

Anne. 1702-1714. AR Medal (34mm, 16.23 g, . Battle of Ramillies. By J. Croker. Dated 1706 (in Roman numerals) . ANNA · D : G · MAG : BR · FR : ET · HIB : REG ·, draped bust left / GALLIS ·AD · RAMELLIES · VICTIS · XII · MAII · MDCCVI ·, two Fames holding trumpets and map displaying the conquered provinces; in two lines in exergue, FLANDR : ET · BRABANT/RECEPT · Good very fine.

 This important 1706 battle against the French forces of Louis XIV was won under the direction of the Duke of Marlborough, himself widely lauded on medals of the period. The outcome of this battle changed the course of the war and placed the British forces in a newfound position of strength.

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