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Australia. Perth mint. Centenary proof sovereign. 1999.


Manufacturer: The Perth Mint

Gold Weight (grams): 7.98. Total weight 13g

Fineness: 22ct

The 1999 Perth Mint Centenary Proof Sovereign - a unique Sovereign to celebrate 100 years of Australia's' production of Sovereigns - the coin is 22-carat gold, but it is surround by a border of fine silver.  The silver is signifying the importance of this metal to Perth Mints heritage.

Perth Mint are renowned for producing some of the most beautiful coins - this coin is limited to 7500 sets. The date has been replaced with 'P100' to signify the Centenary.

This example is cased as issued with certificate number 5782. It is Legal Tender in Australia with a face value of A$100.

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