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Coin grading.

Grading of coins is sometimes a difficult subject, so please view the photographs and form your own opinion. If anything the pictures taken under artificial light on a DSLR do not do the items justice. I do offer as a guide my own grade with each item which is based on the UK system and many years experience.

I don't clean my coins and I don't recommend that you do. A nice toned uncirculated silver coin does not become 'brilliant uncirculated' by dipping it in cleaning fluid, but it is not difficult to find coins that have been treated in this way on the open market. Occasionally I will list coins that have been cleaned at some point in their past and I will always try to add this to the description. The best things to do with your coins is to store them in non reactive materials, (ie, paper or plastic capsules or envelopes, or bespoke cabinets), handle them carefully, and enjoy them.

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