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Christmas in coins. Part 2.

Putting a silver coin or coins in a Christmas pudding is an age old custom and it was said to bring luck to the finder. In the early part of the 20th Century this was typically a silver Sixpence or Threepence. We are now at the time of year when the creative amongst you will be stirring your pudding mix and may be looking for a silver coin with which to grace your creation. The vast majority of us will be picking ours from the supermarket shelves in the coming weeks, and can still create the effect with a pair of tweezers and a little patience.
If you wish to purchase a silver sixpence or threepence please visit my shop www.coins4all.co.uk or click the ‘Shop now’ button on my Facebook page. Priced at £2 to £3 these are a bargain and are much more interesting than the plastic toy in the Christmas cracker. Enjoy!

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